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Hi. My name is Rev. Dennis Marshall. I attend the Solid Rock Baptist Church in New Castle, Delaware. After visiting several churches, this is where I landed. I believe I am here because God led me here. Now nearly three years later. I considered why I love my small church so much. Here is my list of reasons.

10 Reasons Why I Love My Church

  1. I can feel a closeness to God there. The worship experience, music, and communal unity helps me feel ONE with GOD.
  2. I feel the warmth of the people and their joy and sincere interest in me as a person.
  3. My Pastor and First Lady show endearing love to each another and others.
  4. The choir sings from experiences of victory over their trials and tribulations.
  5. The musician is one of the most gifted guitarists in the state and perhaps beyond.
  6. I don’t have to ask, “Where is the beef?” There’s little to no fluff here. Just biblically centered preaching and teaching.
  7. My Pastor adopts people as if they are family, oftentimes helping folk find employment, tackling tutoring issues, hosting healthy venues for boys to develop healthy mindsets, and more.
  8. People are not overburdened with lots of auxiliaries, meetings, or a boatload of activities. Just a manageable list of targeted outreach emphases with undeniable impact.
  9. My church feels like HOME. I am comfortable with being myself and God is shaping me into who I am to become. I am growing in Christ.
  10. We have not given up on the YOUTH. We wrestle with their plight and earnestly seek how to bless their now and their future.

Here’s a bonus reason:

  1. My church encourages me to be a faithful steward without guilt-tripping me or shaming me or making money the primary emphasis. Instead, it provides me the opportunity and freedom to give as God has given unto me.

This is my list. What's yours?