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 In the airport heading to see my children and grandchildren. I notice passengers, tall-short, bald-hairy, with smiley and blank faces. Each person has their own story to tell. If each traveler would only summarize their lives into a single paragraph, and all their paragraphs be combined into a collection of books, these books would be too daunting to read, too complex to meld, and too condensed to tell the whole stories.

Isn’t it AMAZING how God keeps it all sorted, expanded, and pre-understood? His foreknowledge of us omits no detail or nuance. We are known before birth and after death. He is an AMAZING God. But He seems even more AMAZING when I understand He knows my every fault and flaw, both past and future. Yet the AMAZING thing is that He loves me in spite of it all.

Yet, God is poised to create a better me. So why don’t I always cooperate? Simply put, my faults and fragility often get in the way. Yet God is relentless. Being confident of this very thing. He which begun a good work in us will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. Just one more AMAZING realization about our AMAZING God.

Under the weight of humility, I bow and surrender. I follow Him and grip His hand firmly. My God. When my father and mother forsake me, you take me up. When my failures shame me, You hold me close, never leaving or forsaking me. And when the earth worms destroy this body You shall take me up, and outfit me with a new body not made by hand. Surely, I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever. O how I love Thee. O Mighty God. Thou art truly AMAZING.

I'm just a nobody, trying to tell everybody, about somebody, who saved my soul. His grace is AMAZING. He is the pinnacle of AMAZING. Too AMAZING to overlook. Too AMAZING to forget. Too AMAZING to ignore. Too AMAZING to draw away from. Too AMAZING PERIOD!!! If you agree, you must tell others. He is too AMAZING to keep to yourself.