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You might drive by the Solid Rock Baptist Church building and not know it is a church. It is a single story, rectangle, gray building with reddish orange doors. There is no cross erected on the roof. If you miss the small sign near the road, you might mistake the building for a small storage facility or warehouse. It’s not the physical building that makes this small church standout. Don’t judge this book by its cover. It stands out because of things that happen inside and outside the church building, plus the lives that are impacted. Relationships are strengthened, hope inspired, peace attained, hope kindled, and more.

I wrote the previous article called, “10 Reasons Why I Love My Church,” to share my view. You may wonder if I’m biased because I am a member of the ministerial staff. In this sequel article, the views of the members and visitors are shared.

Some common themes surfaced such as the sense of a safe, warm, and welcoming environment for worship. They believe the pastor truly cares plus preaches, teaches, and lives the Word of God. They felt a family-like closeness in that the people genuinely care one for another. Some expressed a sense of being drawn to this locale by God and the opportunity to grow spiritually. This photo is of some of the respondees. Their full comments appear below:

I love my church for so many reasons. The first thing is that it is very welcoming, and we have the most caring and concerning pastor that I ever came in contact with in my sixty years. My church has seen me through a drug addiction and a lengthy incarceration and welcomed me back with open arms. (by: anonymous 1)

It’s got love, kindness, joy (by: Alberee White)

Solid Rock Baptist Church is a home away from home. Sunday Worship to me feels so welcoming and you can really feel the Spirit of the Lord! I love my church! (by: Nyair Stanford)

Why I love my church (by anonymous 2):

    • True fellowship
    • The weekly sermons of Pastor Hall
    • My personal faith is building from where I started to where I am today
    • Come as you are (no judgement)

The first time I attended was on a Palm Sunday. I made a mistake and went across the parking lot the church on the other side. In 10 minutes, I knew I was in the wrong place. I came across the parking lot to Solid Rock. As soon as I walked in the Spirit hit me. I knew this was my home church. I was welcomed with love and open arms. I have not missed a Palm Sunday since then. My church has welcomed everyone to our church in the same manner. Since then, I’ve been made one of the Mothers of the Church. I love all of my church family. They treat everyone with love and caring and respect. I love Pastor and his family. For they are true people of God, and the Spirit is in my church family. I love all the deacons and deaconesses. They are here for all. I pray for my church family at all times. (by Mother Arlene Parker)

I love my church because I love the Lord. Solid Rock is a place where the Word of God is taught. And the members are God fearing people, who love to share the Word. Solid Rock is a church where I can find peace and understanding of who God is because of our Pastor. He is a man of God in all ways. I’m glad to be a part of this magnificent church. (by Charlene Triplett)

We love the church because of the love that was shown to us when we first started coming to this church. Our Pastor has been so awesome. He has ministered to us. We love him. (Philip and Rhonda Lum)

I think our Pastor and First Lady set the tone of fully loving each other and loving God and being real about the Word of God and putting God first in all things. That’s what we get at Solid Rock Baptist Church. We have a real church! (by Deaconess Marrin Smith)

I love my church. I love the warmth and love I feel when entering Solid Rock Baptist Church. It’s almost unexplainable. It just feels like home. The Pastoral Elects, Pastor Hall and Reverend Marshall are truly men of God, believers and teachers of the Word. Pastor Hall and First Lady Hall are beautifully in love and put God first in their lives which radiates unto others. Our church tries to reach out to those in need to those in need no matter the situation, through outreach programs. Our members reach out via phone or in person to our current or past, future members that are sick or shut-in. Our Youth Ministry: Pastor reaches out to youth through our basketball and other events. We ae all like-minded followers, believers, lovers of the Lord. We welcome members and visitors with open arms. Pastor always has an open ear. I love my church. (by: Ineata McPherson)

The pastor preaches the true Word of God and cares for his members. The congregation is warm and welcoming. The music and worship are inspiring and uplifting. (by Karen DiTullio-Ewell)

I love my church for the following reasons: I can come to praise the Lord freely; the people love one another and care for each other; I learn the Word of God; I love to hear Bro. Phil play the guitar; my Pastor preaches the Word, abides by the Word, and lives the life; Pastor looks out for us and prays for us. (by Deaconess Barbara Dozier)

I love the people at Solid Rock Baptist Church. They all try to get along with each other. I love the words the pastor gives, the atmosphere and the love everyone has for each other. I love the Spirit of God that is here. (by anonymous 3):

The following are excerpts from a recorded interview with Deacon Alfonso Jackson on why he loves his church.

I felt like I was sent to this church. You need to go where your spirit is right. Our church, I didn’t know a whole lot about it. I was obedient to the Spirit. I prayed that I wanted to worship God until I die. I think that God led me to Solid Rock. I can serve God until the time God says, “It’s time for you to come home now.” I want to please God. A pastor like we got now, it ain’t the fact that he is young, it ain’t the fact that he can holler louder than anybody else, but the fact that he sticks with the core subject of what God intended. A lot of preachers can preach. One said, “I had three wives and if this one don’t do right, it’ll be four.” The pulpit is not for anyone to advertise, buy, or sell something from it. It’s to call souls to repentance. That’s holy ground. A person who doesn’t want any part in God, won’t be happy in our church.  Because they will hear “Hallelujah” and praises. It ain’t a pretty church with a whole lot of pretty people or a whole lot of money in here. But it has hearts I think God is looking for. There ain’t a lot of smooth, cool, hip singing. God’s Spirit is felt in the church. I believe worship here is pleasing and acceptable to God.