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Due to technical difficulties, the livestream via our website and YouTube is unavailable. Until the problem is resolved, we will be livestreaming via Bluejeans per the following:

SUNDAY WORSHIP VIA BLUEJEANS on Sunday, at noon. Connect via one of the two methods:

  1. AUDIO ONLY - dial (408)419-1715. When prompted, enter the Meeting ID: 7228310402# and when asked, hit # a second time; when connected, please MUTE your phone
  2. AUDIO & VIDEO - If this is your first time, you must install the BlueJeans Video Conferencing App:
    • If you need to install the App use the following link in your internet browser:
    • Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the App [give permission for the App to access data and photos on your phone]
    • When installed, enter the following MEETING ID: 7228310402
    • If Already Installed, launch the App. You may wish to create an account to save your preferences. OR, you may wish to join the meeting as GUEST. In either case, enter the Meeting ID and # sign when instructed: MEETING ID: 7228310402
    • SELECT: App Audio & Video option on the screen
    • Enter your username; then select NEXT; when connected, please MUTE your phone
    • Hang up when done.